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Destiny Bay Vineyards is a small single vineyard, family run winery in the tiny, quintessential corner of Waiheke Island, New Zealand. In fact, they were the first vineyard in Waiheke Island to be certified as Fully Sustainable. Although, 2004 was their inaugural vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec, it took only three years for their 2007 Magna Praemia to receive the highest score for a New Zealand red wine (98 from Anthony Dias Blue at The Tasting Panel). Their prestige and stellar wine making continued to their culmination 2013 when combined average rating of Destiny Bay's Magna Praemia and Mystae blends rank them as number 1 in Cabernet Sauvignon dominate blends by The Wine Advocate. This is a phenomenal achievement for any winery let alone one that was less than 10 years old.

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Cheese Shop Gift Ideas
To make these gifts a little more special…
Add a bottle of wine and get 10% off the wine
(Offer does not include NET wines)

Sandhill Cove $25.00 (+Shipping)
1 x Everything Flatbread Cracker
3 x Cheeses (Cream Havarti, Herb Gouda, Grana Padano)

Pinnacle Cove $35.00 (+Shipping)

1 x Carr’s Crackers
3 x Cheese (Point Reyes Toma, Schoch Selections, Prima Donna Forte)

Stillwater Cove $45.00 (+Shipping)

1 x Potter’s Cracker
3 x Cheeses (Herbs de Humboldt, Young Prima Donna, Barber’s Cheddar)
1 x Sundried Apricot
1 x Fancy Mixed Nuts

Cypress Cove $59.95 (+Shipping)
1 x Potter’s Cracker
1 x Dried Tart Cherry
1 x Taza Chocolate Round (Assorted Flavors)
3 x Cheeses (Pilota, Raspberry Bellavitano, Fourmage)

Sea Lion Cove $89.95 (+Shipping)

2 x Crackers – Raincoast Crisps (Assorted Flavors), Everything Flatbread
1 x Taza Chocolate Round
1 x Aloha Pepper Jelly From Oregon (Assorted Flavors)
1 x Savannah Bee Honey (Assorted Flavors)
4 x Cheeses (Cave Aged Gruyere, Old Amsterdam, Robiola, Honey Bee)

Blue Fish Cove $100.00 (+Shipping)

2 x Crackers – Raincoast Crisps (Assorted Flavors), Carr’s Assorted Cracker
1 x Mast Brother’s Chocolate (Assorted Flavors)
1 x Aloha Pepper Jelly From Oregon (Assorted Flavors)
1 x Savannah Bee Honey (Assorted Flavors)
1 x Dry Molinari Salami (Assorted Flavors)
4 x Cheeses (Wild Garlic Havarti, Young Queso Manchego, Benning, Beecher’s Flagship)

Whaler’s Cove $125.00 (+Shipping)
2 x Crackers – Raincoast Crisps (Assorted Flavors), Carr’s Assorted Cracker
1 x Dry Molinari Salami (Assorted Flavors)
1 x Tentazione Truffle Honey
1 x Aloha Pepper Jelly From Oregon (Assorted Flavors)
1 x Marcona Almond – Oil and Salt Cured
4 x Cheeses (Robiola, Istara, Oveja al Romero, Black Pepper Bellavitano)

China Cove $150.00 (+Shipping)
2 x Crackers – Raincoast Crisps (Assorted Flavors), Carr’s Assorted Cracker
1 x Tentazione Truffle Honey
1 x Aloha Pepper Jelly From Oregon (Assorted Flavors)
1 x Molinari Genoa Salame
1 x Cheese Shop World Famous Pesto
5 x Cheeses (Epoisses, Truffle Noir, Dry Habanero Jack, Barber’s Vintage Cheddar, Noord Hollander)


The Cheese Shop Survival Kit...

This Kit Includes:
The Cheese Shop Tote (gift enclosed in this bag)
Picnic Tote with cutting board, knife, wine opener, and napkins
box of Carr's Crackers
Taza Chocolate
3 oz. Jar Savannah Bee Honey
4 oz. Jar Inglehoffer Mustard
12 oz Molinari Salami
3 pieces of Cheese (approx. 1/3lb each)

* For a special treat *
  add a bottle of your favorite wine
and get 10% off wine only



The History Of The Cheese Shop ...

In 1973, a young couple, John & Nancy McCormick, tired of the corporate life, decided to start a business that was fun & enjoyable. Something that would fill all their senses, and something they could share with everyone. They even got two of Nancy's brothers, Michael & Neil, to join in the fun...and thus was the start of The Cheese Shop, a gourmand's Mecca for world class cheeses, gourmet foods and wines!!

Our first store opened in 1973 at the old Valley Fair Shopping Center in San Jose, California. We opened our present location, in the Carmel Plaza, downtown Carmel-by-the-Sea, Memorial weekend in 1975, selling our San Jose location in 1979 to concentrate our efforts here. We added enough room to create a warm, cozy family enviroment that locals as well as tourists from around the world can revel in and enjoy!

I was lucky to join The Cheese Shop family in 1986, upon my return from travels in Europe, and prior to my scheduled return home to Honolulu, Hawai'i. Thirteen years later, I incorporated the business on our same Memorial anniversary, and today can proudly say that we have clients in all 50 states, and 20 countries.

Through this web site, I invite you all to come share in the O'hana (family) that is "The" Cheese Shop, Carmel. Enjoy in sharing all the bounties that our store, the beautiful region of Monterey County, and the world offers!! And remember my motto: "Eat Cheese, Drink Wine, Live Life Happy!"

Mahalo & Aloha, -Kent



What's Included In Our Monthly Club Selections...


This month we decided to create a theme between our cheese & wine selections. Now you may raise your eyebrows a bit at the very “creative” interweaving of thoughts that may stretch the boundaries of truth, fiction, and flat out made up fantasy. What the heck, it's a cute short story…read on and laugh, or groan…which ever happens first!!

Once upon a time, in a faraway magical kingdom there was a dragon ( Red Dragon ) raising havoc with the local village. Payment in the form of maidens was needed. Once all the young girls of the village had been sacrificed, the only girl left was the daughter of the Count ( Marchese Gonzaga ).

The Count sought the advice of the Pope ( Le P'tit Pape ) as to what could be done to prevent his daughter from being sacrificed? The Pope suggested a tournament for brave knights to attend, and the victor would be the one asked to battle and defeat the mighty dragon in order to save the life of the Count's daughter.

Knights from kingdoms both near and far came to the tournament to compete. Many knights fought valiantly, but after a fortnight long tournament (two weeks long, this may have been precursor to Wimbledon!) there were but only two left standing. The famed but mysterious Black Knight from East Prussia, and the local champion, the vanguard of all that is pure and right in the world St. George At the end of their match St. George the victor, then went off and slayed the Red Dragon, freed the Count's daughter, and everyone lived happily thereafter!

And thus our story ends. We hope you enjoy this fun mix of cheeses & wines for our July Club selections, while pondering this thought: how much did the boss drink while writing this yarn?!?!

Cheeses for July Club Members...

St Jorge

In 1979, Mary and Joe Matos immigrated to Santa Rosa, California from the island of Sao Jorge in the Azores and began a small family farm. Being fourth generation cheesemakers, they brought with them a family recipe and Mary originally made cheese to sell following church services on Sunday, while Joe tended to their herd of 50 Holstein and Jersey cow. Currently, their daughter Sylvia has taken over the task of cheese making continuing their family legacy. St. Jorge is a raw cow's milk cheese aged a minimum of 3 months prior to release. This firm textured cheese with Portuguese ancestry is similar to a grassy, malty cheddar, but with more bite and crisp acidity in the finish; much like English Cheshire. Produced using veggie enzymes, St. Jorge marries beautifully with a grassy Sauvignon Blanc or earthy red like this month's wine selection P'tit Pape. Also try shaving this cheese over a fresh summer salad for some added zip.

Red Dragon

By the early 1940's cheese production in Wales had nearly gone extinct due to large scale cheese production in England. Luckily for us, not all artisanal traditions are lost on the new generation and in the 1990's Somerdale Cheese Co was founded bringing back traditional Welsh farmhouse style cheese. Red Dragon (also known as Y Fenni) is a pasteurized cow's milk cheese hailing from the town of Abergavenny, Wales. Infused with a Welsh brown ale and mustard seeds, this cheese is spicy without bringing on too much heat. Aged around three months, Red Dragon has a semi-soft texture that is almost spreadable. The mustard seeds add an additional layer of texture to tantalize the taste buds. Produced using veggie enzymes, this cheese is perfect for stuffing in a burger or melting on a steak. Pair Red Dragon with bold red wines or a stout.

Black Knight Tilsit

Tilsit is named after the town in German/East Prussia that the Westphal family of Switzerland migrated to in the mid-nineteenth century. The family attempted to create cheese similar to the style of their homeland, but quickly found active molds and bacteria in the area were much different from Switzerland. This lead to the creation of a whole new style of cheese. Tilsit is a smear-ripened cheese (think washed rind) that is made by rubbing a bacteria solution on the rind of the cheese. As the cheese ages, more robust flavors develop. Black Knight is a young, mild version of a Tilsit made from pasteurized partially skimmed cow's milk. Aged a minimum of three months, this cheese has a springy semi-firm texture and a pate sprinkled with tiny holes. Mild and milky on the front palate, Black Knight has a bright tang to the finish that dances on your taste buds. Also look for floral, fruity notes on the mid palate, found especially from wheels that are made during summer months. Enjoy the Black Knight with fruit forward red wines or a nice Red Ale.

Cheese of the month members receive....
three wonderful selections equalling about a pound, tasting notes and shipped right to your door, who could ask for anything else.


(Cost is $35.95/month, plus shipping)



Wine for July Club Members...

Tenuta San Leonardo's 2012 “Terre do San Leonardo” from Marchese Carlo Guerriere Gonzaga

Although, the San Leonardo Estate have been around since 1724, it was not until Marchese Carlo Guerriere Gonzaga renovated it in the 1970s that the property became what it is today. In 1982, San Leonardo label was formed and the first vintage released. A classic IGT from the Dolomite region of Italy, their 2012 vintage is what the Italians considered a Bordeaux blend using Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese, similar to the “Super Tuscans” wines like Sassicaia, Ornellaia & Solaia of Tuscany. The 80% of the Terre is barrel aged for 18 months in Slavonian oak barrel, while the other 20% is aged in French barriques for a minimum of 6 months giving the wine a round smooth mid palate. Ruby red in color, this wine has racy red fruit flavors that jump right out of the glass from your first sip. As the wine opens up, look for a layer of ripe plum flavors with a subtle grassy hint towards the finish. Dry on the palate, the Terre has supple medium bodied tannins that balances out the fruit front. Enjoy this wine with poultry dish and flavorful cheeses like this month's Black Knight.

Le P'tit Paysan's 2014 “Le P'tit Pape” from Ian Brand

In 2003, Ian Brand started his foray in the wine business by working as a cellar rat at Bonny Doon where he found one of his passions. Ian went on to work for Big Basin Winery in Santa Cruz before settling down to make his own label, P'tit Paysan, debuting with the 2008 vintage. Working alongside his wife, Heather, the two have created a unique line of wines that are sure to raise eyebrows and provoke thought. When selecting vineyards to source from, they look for underappreciated vineyards with shallow, rocky soils that have the proper climate to match. It has even been said that Ian will not source grapes more than 100 miles from his house, so that he can constantly check in on grape development. The 2014 Le P'tit Pape is a Rhone blend that perfectly balances Old and New world. Comprised of 53% Grenache, 35% Syrah, 8% Mourvedre, 3% Counoise, and 2% Cinsault, this wine is aged on the lees in neutral barrels to enhance the texture of the wine. Look for ripe red fruit on the nose coupled with a hint of crushed rose petals. Red raspberry and currant fruit flavors envelope the palate on the front with subtle white pepper spice notes on the finish. Enjoy this wine with grilled pork chops and veggies.

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Get two great selections each month from
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