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The Cheese Shop Survival Kit...

This Kit Includes:
The Cheese Shop Tote (gift enclosed in this bag)
Picnic Tote with cutting board, knife, wine opener, and napkins
box of Carr's Crackers
Taza Chocolate
3 oz. Jar Savannah Bee Honey
4 oz. Jar Inglehoffer Mustard
12 oz Molinari Salami
3 pieces of Cheese (approx. 1/3lb each)

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The History Of The Cheese Shop ...

In 1973, a young couple, John & Nancy McCormick, tired of the corporate life, decided to start a business that was fun & enjoyable. Something that would fill all their senses, and something they could share with everyone. They even got two of Nancy's brothers, Michael & Neil, to join in the fun...and thus was the start of The Cheese Shop, a gourmand's Mecca for world class cheeses, gourmet foods and wines!!

Our first store opened in 1973 at the old Valley Fair Shopping Center in San Jose, California. We opened our present location, in the Carmel Plaza, downtown Carmel-by-the-Sea, Memorial weekend in 1975, selling our San Jose location in 1979 to concentrate our efforts here. We added enough room to create a warm, cozy family enviroment that locals as well as tourists from around the world can revel in and enjoy!

I was lucky to join The Cheese Shop family in 1986, upon my return from travels in Europe, and prior to my scheduled return home to Honolulu, Hawai'i. Thirteen years later, I incorporated the business on our same Memorial anniversary, and today can proudly say that we have clients in all 50 states, and 20 countries.

Through this web site, I invite you all to come share in the O'hana (family) that is "The" Cheese Shop, Carmel. Enjoy in sharing all the bounties that our store, the beautiful region of Monterey County, and the world offers!! And remember my motto: "Eat Cheese, Drink Wine, Live Life Happy!"

Mahalo & Aloha, -Kent



What's Included In Our Monthly Club Selections...

Cheeses for April Club Members...

La Oveja Negra
No, this cheese is NOT name for the famed World War II naval pilot, Col. Gregory “Pappy” Boyington and his Black Sheep Squadron (but this cheese does have personality & character much like him!). The Black Sheep is a unique Spanish Manchego made from using organic thermalized (lower cooking temperature over a longer cook time) sheep’s milk. In fact, it is the only organic Manchego available in the United States. The Parra family prides themselves on being farmstead cheese makers, meaning they only use milk from their black Manchego Sheep herd, a breed that was almost extinct at the start of the 21st century, and the cheese is made on their farm. Aged for a little over three months, La Oveja Negra is semi-firm with nutty and herbal notes on the palate. The finish exudes the savory or salty bite (hmmm, certainly sounds a lot like Col. Boyington’s nature!), which makes it great to pair with Membrillo or your favorite pepper jam. Enjoy this outstanding Manchego with an earthy red wine or an herbal white.

Oo Oo Amadeus Amadeus! Strains of Falco’s classic 1985 song about classic Austrian musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart float through the air as we split open this delicious mild pasteurized cow’s milk cheese that comes from….you guessed right: Austria! The traditional version of this cheese’s name is called Chorherrenkase (chorherr means "canons” as found in some of Mozart’s works) and clearly this makes beautiful music on your palate! Amadeus is made from fresh milk with added buttermilk. The buttermilk gives the cheese a mild, delicate cream flavor on the front of the palate, and the fresh milk brings in a subtle tang on the finish with hints of herbal notes. The semi firm texture makes Amadeus a delicious table cheese that evokes comparisons to classic Trappist cheeses of yore. Pair this cheese with a buttery white or a bright Pinot Noir and let the music play on your palate!

This is a wonderful Spanish wash-rind cow cheese from the Catalonian side of the Pyrénées Mountains, just northwest of Barcelona, about 60+ miles as the crow flies! Urgèlia has the prestigious DOP status (Denominación de Origen Protegida) and there are about 200 dairies in this area that provide the whole milk (pasteurized, though when in this region you may find raw milk versions) for the production of this. The pate of Urgèlia is semi-soft, pale white in color, with very tiny eyes and a smooth creamy texture on the tongue. There is an ever so slight earthy/salty tang from the rind that is the result of the daily washing in a yeast & salt brine. This allows the cheese to breath while not drying out. Not too pungent in aroma, but still plenty of the meaty richness associated with wash-rind cheeses. Great when paired with fruit forward red wines, but delicious when matched with Alsatian Gewurztraminer or floral Rieslings!


Cheese of the month members receive....
three wonderful selections equalling about a pound, tasting notes and shipped right to your door, who could ask for anything else.


(Cost is $35.95/month, plus shipping)



Wine for April Club Members...

As I sit here typing up our April Wine-of-the-Month notes this later part of March, I hear the strains of weeping, bracket busted fans, along with chuckling refrains from the Oracle of Omaha dancing through my head! I am once again reflective on just how lucky we are to live here in Carmel, CA!!

Sure the classic adage for this time of year is “April showers bring more…“, but seriously, MORE SNOW? All I can say is WOW! We really do feel for all of our Midwest & Eastern clients who are about to get hit with ANOTHER snowstorm! This may not be “Polar Vortex 3”, rather a classic Nor’easter, but truly isn’t enough simply ENOUGH?! What?? Did Punxsutawney Phil wake up and see his shadow’s shadow?!?!

So how can we help? Easy…with this month’s selections of wines you’ll be skipping and hopping all the way to Easter! Warm thoughts of Spring days filled with delectable foods paired with these two LOVELY offerings…a classic French Chablis from our friends at DNS Wines, and a traditional rite of Spring: Rosé from our friends at Copain…read on…

2011 Val de Mer Chablis AC

Nina is a dear friend who learned her craft from famed importer Martine Saunier! Now off on her own with DNS Wines, (and the acronym is perfect: Do Not Spit!!) she was lucky enough to have Patrick Piuze come on board with his Val de Mer label. Patrick was the Chef de Caves at Jean-Marc Brocard before launching his own label. This Chardonnay from the Chablis appellation is remarkably light and refreshing. Delicate apple blossom nose with a touch of steaming slate captures your senses. The mouth has attack of green apple with a bit of pectin/mineral bite in the finish. As this is an un-oaked white, it is brilliant when paired with a halibut or Dover sole dish, or of course a fresh dozen oysters on the half shell!!!

2013 Copain Rosé of Pinot “Tous Ensemble”
Tous Ensemble (all together in French) is Wells Guthrie’s value play line of wines which are quite amazing because he could honestly charge more, but he wants people to enjoy his wines on an every day occasion! This is a pure pressed Pinot Rosé (Pinot fruit set aside for the intention of making into a Rosé without being a “sangée” or bleeding technique to create) hence the beautiful pale pink color in the clear bottle! Un-oaked, this wine delivers floral bouquet backed up by red fruits (bright red cherry, touch of cranberry or red raspberry). On the palate, supple smooth and elegant, but with a delicious crisp finish that makes you only want MORE!!!! Serve with light salads on warm days for a refreshing lunch, or pair with our April selections for the Cheese-of-the-Month for perfect cocktail parties treat! Oh, and if you fall madly in love with this wine, well call us quickly, as the winery is already SOLD OUT!!!!

Wine of the month members receive....
Two wonderful selections with winery notes shipped out monthly.


W.O.M. two bottle sets
cost $49.95 + shipping.
Get two great selections each month from
our hundreds of dynamite choices...
no end of the bin or close out wines
like other clubs have...just AWESOME wines
worthy of being in the mostdiscriminating of cellars, YOURS!!


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Pebble Beach Food & Wine is the premier epicurean lifestyle event on the West Coast, matching 250 acclaimed wineries and 75 celebrity chefs to create a hedonistic four-day destination on one of the most picturesque strips of coastline in the world. Throughout the weekend you'll enjoy intimate access to the pinnacle of culinary and wine talent at wine tastings, cooking demos, and some of the most exclusive, unique dining opportunities available in the world.

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