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Kent - Our fearless leader, the C.E.O (Cheese Eating Oenophile), grand fromage, or as we like to call him, "the big cheese".  After all, he was born in the Year Of The Rat.  Kent joined The Cheese Shop in 1986 and has never looked back.  When you catch him behind the counter, you're in for a real treat.  All you ever wanted to know about cheese and more ...  (yes, it's in his blood as he has not one, but two parents who are teachers).  Kent also takes the show on the road to many events across the country where he pairs cheese and wine for a delectable tasting!
Lisa – Office Manager/Bookkeeper – A long time employee on her second tour of duty with us, Lisa maintains and manages the daily offices chores, as well as trouble shooting any computer gaffs that arise (look, I’m so old, I learned computers in the punch card era)! She also over sees all the currencies that come both in and go out! The Cheese Shop has clients in all 50 states and 20 countries, and you can see the different currencies (some no longer in use) when you visit our store in Carmel. Do Russian Rubles circa 1961 still work?!?!

Carmel Staff



Adam-Hailing from the 209 (Stockton) part of California originally, Adam is both working for us while attending MPC, with an eye towards wine and viticulture as a field. Adam has had the chance with family and friends to work in the wine-biz, getting his feet wet (we hope not by stomping on the grapes à la Lucille Ball) working for some wineries over the last several years. Come seek out Adam's recommendations for both great wines & cheeses to go with them!

Adrien- Take a French father trained as a Sommelier/Maitre 'D/Restaurant owneer, blend with an American mother classically trained in the culinary world, (and who has an equally fantastic wine palate) and what do you get? A son who has the best of both worlds...and was told by his parents: GET A JOB!! Well while Adrien is attending college locally, we are squeezing time in learning about Curds and Whey and the Grape (just teaching him the regions, varietals, and what they might taste like...as we have to wait a few more years for the "legal" taste testing!!) Come meet Adrien and let him entertain your palates!





Alex- Alex is the soft-spoken member of our little family. But don’t let her quiet manners fool you, as she is full of cheesy knowledge as she intends to continue her degree in the culinary arts. Be sure to ask her for her favorite gourmet and cheese pairings to make your dinner parties even more stimulating.


Blake-Ladies, watch our for this young man, as he definetly is a charmer...silver tongue, twinkle in his eye, and wise in the ways of social etiquette. Blake comes to us from the 559 area code, currently works in the film business, while he hangs out learning the finer things in life that THE CHEESE SHOP has to offer! We pride ourselves in giving Blake a crash course in both Cheese and Wine knowledge, which seemingly goes hand-in-hand with his background in mixology. Guess you could say he knows his liquids.





Brian - is possibly the quietest member of our family, but don't let his whispered tones fool you as he very personable.  (Ladies, it's the quiet ones you need to look out for!!) As CSI's Gourmet buyer, Brian is equally knowledgeable about our large cheese array, as well as our gastronomic delicacies. And if he's not behind the tasting counter, you might find him behind our Wine Bar, as his knowledge of wines has expanded exponentially over the past five years.   

Dan - That’s right, Dan-the-man is back with The Cheese Shop Family for another tenure. After taking a break away from the shop for a few years, the aroma’s of our cheese has lured him back home. Always with a twinkle in his eye, and a Jiminy Cricket “whistle while you work” attitude, you’ll find Dan behind the cheese counter, where his ebullient personality (definitely gets this from his Mom!!) will take you on a magical journey around the world of cheese.








Dave - Dave uses his military background to keep our store in tiptop shape. When he is not behind the cheese counter, you can find him conducting geological surveys in the Monterey area as he finishes his degree from CSU Monterey Bay.

Holly - Safe to say Holly is our resident athlete here at The Cheese Shop, and for Holly: LAKER's RULE!!! Well, we keep telling Holly this is NorCal, so we prefer the Warriors, but then again, a young woman has her opinion and we are fine with that! When you visit with Holly, she'll tell you what's hot, new and exciting in our store (and NOT just what she likes). So relax and know you are in good hands with her!








Justin - Talk about a world traveler?!?! Justin probably has more passport stamps than most diplomats. This is an advantage for us, because we now have an employee that can not only take your taste buds on a journey, but really tell you what it's like in some wonderfully exotic locals: Guam, Hawaii, Africa and back. And now that we have a chance to educate his palate with our wines selections, I think you'll come to find the perfect Bon Vivant in our own Justin!!

Mademoiselle Katie has a dual interest with CSI...first there's us (Cheese Shop Inc) as she has been one of many wonderful CSUMB students to work with us while attending school. But next she has an interest in another CSI to come into her life...that of pursuing a career as a Criminal Science Investigator! So come check out her knife skills on our cheeses (this surely helps in her lab studies) and ask her what wines to help keep you off her future worktable!!



    Kyle - Our resident bibliophile, is a truly erudite book worm as well as being a scholar of the classics no less. Well, he thought he knew the “classics” until he started to learn of the CLASSICS from us…in the world of CHEESE & WINE that is. None of that K. R. A. F. & T or Two-Buck-Chuck stuff mind you!! So on your next visit, don't be afraid to ask Kyle to recite from Homer's Iliad and the Odyssey while sampling you on cheeses from the Mediterranean countries, or quote from Don Quixote while showing you our Spanish wines!

Madeleine- One could say that this young Senior of St. Andrew's University in Scotland, has really been an employee of ours since...well, the Labor board might not be thrilled.let us just say a LONG time. Her Mom, Rima Crow, is one of Monterey's finest caterers, so Madeleine's birthright is flowing with scents, colors, and flavors of the finest cuisines the world has to offer! And though she's back off to Scotland, we look forward to her return this summer, and Uncle Kent is still hoping she can get him onto St. Andrews Old Course once before she graduates!!!



    Matteo - Yes another member of the Crow family has made it into the ranks of The Cheese Shop Family. Matteo’s love of cheese started when he was just a toddler, when members of The Cheese Shop Staff tried to feed him young Gruyere instead of the Cave Aged version. There is no fooling this kid…he quickly spit it out saying they got it wrong. His enthusiasm for aged cheese is something we still find endearing to this day. These days, Matteo is all grown up and about to join his sister Madeleine in Scotland for University, but don’t worry he will be back during school holidays to once again tantalize your taste buds.

Melissa - This right brain feminist will surely add a creative side to your cheese tasting experience. Melissa is wonderful at making sure you try cheeses not only from all over the world, but of every texture and flavor as well. She’ll make sure your palate is satisfied and your selections are vast.


Neil - This Northey brother is a spunky addition to The Cheese Shop Family. You can pick him out behind the counter by his fro (imagine if one were to stick their finger into an electric socket)!! Neil’s jokes may not be quite as cheesy as his older brother Blake, but he brings his own larger than life personality to the table. Neil is still counting the days till he is old enough to jump into the wine side of the store, but with the Northey Brothers on the job, no wine and cheese pairing will ever fall short.

Rachel - Our former Fire Fighter has decided to trade in her shovel, hard hat and fire blanket for a slightly less dangerous job: cutting the cheese, though I am sure when she samples our SMOKED cheeses, she pines for being on the fire line!! Of course, her interests are varied, and so she is back in school with an eye towards electrical engineering. On a visit to us, Rachel will be more than happy to take your collective palates on an electric and eclectic tour. You might even ask her to show you the SCHOCH cheeses; locally made and “ shockingly” good!



    Ryan G.- Son of gun, if the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Ryan is the son of our longest tenured employee/OfficeMgr/Bookkeeper /Jacki-of-all-trades, and die-hard Sharks fan, Lisa! Another college student, you can find Ryan with us during breaks from going to U. of North Texas, as this young man is an aspiring Jazz/Classical bassist of the first degree. You may even catch him performing locally.Ahhh, so that's why he looks so tired when he shows for work! Playing those smoky clubs late at night with the likes of Jaco, Clarke, Corea, and Miles dancing in his head!

Stefan AKA Mango - Watch out ladies…this gentleman is surely going to kick-start your taste buds. Stefan is currently studying to become an International Business lawyer (now we know whom to call when in trouble…Stefan, can we please have your cell number?!). Soon he will be leaving our store to attend San Jose State where he will excel in the classroom and on the field as their new punter/kicker. Have no fear ladies he will be back to sweep you off your feet for school breaks and long weekends.




Zach - Our newest addition to The Cheese Shop Family will keep you entertained with his lighthearted attitude behind the cheese counter. Zach’s interest in food & wine is leading him down the rabbit whole of the food & wine industry: this fall he will be heading to UC Davis to study managerial economics and viticulture. So he could become the fifth former employee turned wine maker, and we look forward to representing his wines to you someday!

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