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Abbaye de Belloc - $34.95/lb
Unpasteurized sheep’s milk cheese made by Benedictine monks in France’s Basque region. The creaminess of this firm cheese expands on your palate with hints of nutty and fruity flavors.
Alsace Muenster - $19.95/lb
Gorgeously aromatic cow's milk cheese from the Alsace region.
Appenzeller, Extra Aged - $22.95/lb
Richly flavored cow’s milk cheese from the canton of Appenzell. One of the trio of cheeses used in a classic fondue recipe, this ripe cheese has a wonderful bite and “chocolately-ness”.
Asiago, Aged - $11.95/lb
Aged cow's milk cheese made by the Stella Family in the U.S.A. Spicy, nutty flavor.  Excellent for grating.

Beecher's Flagship - $21.95/lb
This cheese is similar to a cheddar, made by Beecher's Cheese Co. in Pike's Marketplace, Seattle. It is aged for about one year and has a smooth and sweet flavor. It is made by master cheese maker Brad Sinko.

Boerenkaas, Young - $13.95/lb
A 3 month old raw cow’s milk farmstead gouda. This is the youngest raw milk gouda that can be imported into the US. Succulent texture, pleasantly smooth and mild.
Boschetto al Tartuffo - $42.95/lb
Flecks of truffle are found throughout this, semi soft textured sheep’s milk cheese from Italy. The taste of the truffle permeates the cheese giving it a rich, complex flavor with hints of garlic.
Brillat Savarin - $31.95/lb, $31.95/wl
Soft-ripening, triple crème, unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese from the Burgundy region of France. Delicate white penicillin rind surrounds a core that is decadently creamy and buttery. This particular producer, Solaipro, hand-ladles the cheese during the cheesemaking process.
Bucheron - $20.95/lb
Goat’s milk from the Loire valley
Butter, Goat - $26.95/lb, $12.95/ea
This butter has a melt-in-your-mouth texture that delivers the subtle flavors of the goat’s milk with a touch of salt. Made in Quebec.
Butter, Normandy - $16.50/lb, $8.95/ea
Taste the sweetness of the milk used to make this salt-free, delicate butter.
Camembert, Chatelain - $16.95/ea, $25.95/lb
A traditional style Camembert from Normandy, France. The cow’s milk is thermasized, pasteurized at a lower temperature. This process preserves the flavor and gives the cheese a flavor very close to a raw milk Camembert. The flavor at its peak tastes like cauliflour. The aroma is like sea air.
Cave Aged Gruyere - $21.95/lb
A raw cow’s milk cheese from Switzerland. As the cheese ages, the potassium lactate crystallizes, as do the natural minerals, giving a light crunchy texture to go with the deep nutty taste.
Chimay - $29.95/lb
Chimay is a semi-soft au-lait cru cow's milk cheese made by Trappist monks in Belgium. This nutty cheese is waashed with ale by the same name (the most are also famous for the line of beers that they brew) imparting a maltiness to the cheese. Try this cheese with any beer or a Chimay brew for maximum flavor. Red wines also seem to do quite well.
Cotswold - $18.95/lb
An English classic, Cotswold is a double Gloucester cheddar flavored with chives and onions. Try this rich cheese on an omelet, in a twice-baked potato, melted over broccoli, or in a quesadilla. A perfect party tray cheese, kids love it too.
Couturier Logs - $9.95/ea
A fresh chevre conveniently packed in 5.5 oz packages. We carry the couturier in plain (non-flavored) and an herbed flavor. Both chevres are fresh and tangy; the perfect goat milk cheese to eat by itself, or to use for cooking.
Creme Fraiche - $11.95/lb
Made in California by Kendall Farms, this thick, cow’s milk cream is tangy and sweet. It is the perfect ingredient for sauces, and pastries. Please ask us about The Crème Fraîche Cookbook filled with recipe ideas for crème fraîche.
Crottin - $9.95/ea
Au lait cru goat’s milk cheese with a wrinkled textured penicillin rind. Clean bright flavors coat the palate, with a finish of lemony acidity.
Dry Jack, Vella - $18.95/lb
Cow’s milk cheese was created in California’s Gold Rush Days by a Scot named David Jacks. The rind to this Special Select Extra Aged Dry Jack is made up of olive oil and cocoa. The crystalline texture and nutty flavors compliment fruits and wines.
Emmentaler - $17.95/lb
The original Swiss cheese. This is a very mild Swiss that is a classic fondue ingredient and sandwich cheese. Wonderful for melting Emmentaler has a sweet, nutty flavor perfect for Croque Monsieur.
Epoisse de Bourgogne - $26.95/ea, $59.95/lb
Washed rind, unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese from the Burgundy region of France. This sublime diskshaped cheese is washed with Marc de Bourgogne, which gives this creamy, “gooey” cheese a mouthful of earthy flavor. Berthaut is possibly the greatest producer of this exotic cheese.
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