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Ewephoria - $21.95/lb
Eighteen month extra aged Dutch sheep’s milk cheese. Same crunchy crystal texture and flavors as seen in Old Amsterdam and Prima Donna. This cheese will give your palate a Ewephoric lift!!
Ewephoria, Young - $20.95/lb
Eighteen month extra aged Dutch sheep’s milk cheese.
Fougerus- $28.95/lb
Made in the heart of the Brie region of France, Fougeru exudes the classic terroir quality of the region. A rich buttery cheese dominated by truffle and mushroom flavors.
Fontina D'Aosta- $21.95/lb
Fontina D'Aosta is a classic, washed rind raw cow's milk cheese from the Valle D'Aosta. When this cheese is yound, it is more buttery in texture and flavor. As it ages, one picks up more of the truffle terroir quality distintive of the region.
Fourme D'Ambert - $18.95/lb
Creamy, savory, buttery cow’s milk blue from Auvergne, France with nutty overtones. It is named for the wooden mold which forms its cylinder shape and the town, Ambert, from which the milk for this cheese originates.
Fromage D'Affinois - $19.95/lb
A mild elegant double crème from France, this cheese has just a hint of sweetness, making it the perfect after dinner treat to aide the digestion or as an appetizer with a bit of bubbly! To top it off, this soft ripening cheese has almost three times as much calcium as Brie.

Fromage D'Affinois, Herb & Pepper - $20.95/lb
A mild elegant double crème from France, this cheese has just a hint of sweetness, making it the perfect after dinner treat to aide the digestion or as an appetizer with a bit of bubbly! To top it off, this soft ripening cheese has almost three times as much calcium as Brie. Herb ~ Blended and coated with a private herb mixture (it's a secret) that gives a strong flavor. Pepper ~ It is blended and caoted with a private pepper mixture that givers it a rich, nutmeg like flavor.

Garrotxa - $28.95/lb
Garrotxa is a Spanish goat's milk cheese from Catalonia. It comes coated with ash to keep the cheese softer and laso acts as decorative flair. As you enjoy this cheese you will tast the Mediterranean coast flavors of rosemary and olives. Pair Garrotxa with Rhone Red/ Syrah, Zinfandel, or even try a Pinot Noir.
Gjetost, Blande - $11.95/lb, $6.50/ea
(YEAY-toast)  A Norwegian classic, Gjetost Blande is a blend of goat and cow’s milk. Gjetost has the sweet flavors of caramel and peanut butter. The Blande is a touch milder than the Ekte.
Gjetost, Ekte - $13.95/lb
The Ekte is a goat’s milk Gjetost. Try this for breakfast on toast, or serve as an afternoon snack.
Gratte Paille - $23.95/ea, 30.95/lb
A triple crème from Touran-en-Brie, France, the heart of the Brie Region. Gratte Paille is a very rich and complex cheese that has a buttery, salty, and tangy flavor. Gratte Paille is one of our stronger triple cremes. Try this with champagne or a nice Bordeaux.
Green Hill - $17.95/ea, 36.95/lb
Made by Sweet Grass Dairy, in Thomasville, GA, comes this absolutely decadent doublt crème semi-ripened cow cheese that simply is the best American made rendition of a traditional French Brie that we have come across to date!! This is a beautiful small wheel (Approximately 8 ounces, shaped like a small Camembert wheel), which is perfect for any small party. The penicillin rind is mild and delicate, while the inside crème is rich like the weight of French Vanilla verse Vanilla. Simply put: C'est magnifique!
Gruyere - $16.95/lb
The cheese of Switzerland, Gruyere has a predominantly nutty flavor with fruity undertones. It is a hard cheese with a very smooth texture. Great for fondue or melting over a bowl of French onion soup.
Havarti, Cream - $12.95/lb
A very buttery cheese, Cream Havarti is great for slicing, dicing, and spreading. A good picnic cheese accompanied with some salami and a baguette, Cream Havarti is an anywhere, anytime cheese that everyone enjoys.
Havarti, Dill - $12.95/lb
The buttery flavor of the Cream Havarti combined with some dill creates a very exciting cheese. Dill Havarti is wonderful served alongside some smoked salmon, or to melt into a breakfast omelet.
Humboldt Fog - $31.95/lb
Goat’s milk cheese made by Mary Keehn of Cypress Grove Chevre in McKinleyville, California. Soft-ripened with a layer of vegetable ash in the center and along the exterior of the cheese. Tangy in flavor, with a satisfying soft creaminess on the palate. Won Best Goat’s Milk Cheese at the American Cheese Society’s Conference in 2003.
Huntsman - $19.95/lb
A layered cheese from England, The Huntsman has layers of Double Gloucester Cheddar and English Stilton- A perfect combination! It is an attractive cheese for serving on a cheese tray.
Idiazabal - $29.95/lb
Spanish Basque, unpasteurized sheep’s milk cheese. The cheese is naturally smoked (woodshed), has a smoky aroma, is sharp and piquant to taste, dry in texture, and carries the slight smokiness through the finish. Produced in the Navarre region of Spain.
Jean Grogne - $30.95/lb
From Ile-de-France, Jean Grogne is a wonderfully tangy and rich triple crème made from pasteurized cow’s milk.
Le Lingot - $19.95/ea, 39.95/lb
Artisanal, soft ripening unpasteurized goat’s milk cheese made in Quercy, France. The interior of this bar shaped cheese is ever so slightly crumbly which belies the creamy, tangy texture you feel in the mouth.
Leerdammer - $19.95/lb
A semi-soft cow’s milk cheese from Holland with “holes”. Slightly sweet and nutty in flavor.
Leyden, Young - $15.95/lb
Leyden, Aged - $16.95/lb
Cow’s milk cheese from Holland with cumin and caraway seeds throughout! Also known as Leidsekaas, this cheese has been made for centuries in the town of Leyden. Wonderful paired with a spicy red (especially a Zinfandel)!
Manchego - $26.95/lb
Queso oveja (sheep’s milk cheese) from Spain. Aged 6 months, with a mildly nutty flavor. This is a staple on every Spaniard’s table, as the Dutch have “Gouda” with every meal. Sometimes served with membrillo (quince paste).
Manchego, Aged - $29.95/lb
Queso oveja (sheep’s milk cheese) from Spain. Like any cheese that can be enjoyed at a variety of ages, the aged Manchego has a firm and dry curd texture. Deep, strong, nutty flavors with a salty citric finish. When young, Manchego can be quite elegant in flavors, but this raw milk aged variety showcases classic rustic regional (terroir) flavors. Goat and sheep’s milk are naturally higher in acidity and mineral content.
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