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Memoire - $38.95/lb
Newly arrived from our Dutch friends this is a sensational cow's milk and Truffle cheese. Rich buttery texture like classic Gouda's have with the intoxicating aromas and flavors of mixed truffles...great by itself, but try in some of your favorite dishes as an accent ingredient!!!!!
Mezzo Secco - $18.95/lb
Mezzo Secco translates to medium dry. A semi-firm cow cheese from the Vella Family in Sonoma. The use of black pepper on the exterior helps to dry the cheese and lends to a snappy bite to contrast the slightly creamy, slightly sharp interior.
Montbriac - $28.95/lb
A wonderful ripening French blue cheese. Montbriac is a cow’s milk cheese with a creamy texture. It is made in Auvergne where the cheese is ripened in caves and the rind is covered in a layer of ash.

Monterey Jack, Plain - $14.95/lb
Montery Jack, Jalapeno
- $15.95/lb

Monterey Jack, Habanero - $16.95/lb
Our recipe (from Monterey) and perfected by the Vella Family in Sonoma, Ca where they have been making Jack cheese since 1930. This “real” Jack’s high moisture content gives this cheese a creamy soft texture resembling mozzarella, with a fresh, tangy finish.  Each wheel is hand rolled and comes in either the unflavored (plain) Monterey Jack, or try the spicy Jalapeno Pepper Jack.

Morbier - $13.95/lb
A creamy cow’s milk cheese from the Jura region in France. This cheese is characterized by a thin flavorless ash layer running through it’s middle. Traditionally this layer was used to separate the evening from the morning milking. Combining complex flavors of nuts, fruit and often a grassy or fresh asparagus aroma this cheese pairs well with crisp high acid wines such as Beaujolais.
Mountain Gorgonzola - $22.95/lb
A naturally sweet (dolce) blue from northern Italy. This gorgeous blue gets its sweetness from both spring and early summer milk from highland pastures vs. winter milk (cows eating dry hay/feed) that produces a more “piquante” (sharp) blue bite. Melt onto pizza or gnocchi. Great when served with full flavored reds.
Old Amsterdam - $19.95/lb
One and one half years old, this Dutch Gouda (pronounced “how-duh”), has a flavor that balances between Cheddar and Parmigiano Reggiano. This cheese has a texture that is rich and creamy in the front of the mouth, and has a “crunch” character towards the finish. Produced exclusively by the Westland family. This has become one of the most popular cheeses we have ever sold in 30 years of business, and they have shipped around the world.
Old Quebec - $27.95/lb
Available in a five or eight year old version, this Canadian cheddar is sharp with a hint of fruit flavor plus a bit of crunch from the calcium lactate crystals. It is aged in one and a half ton blocks, which keeps the cheese creamy.
Ossau Iraty Istara - $29.95/lb
An A.O.C (Appellation D’Origin Controlee) French cheese. Made from pasteurized sheep's milk from the Pyrenees (Southwestern France) along the border of Spain, in the valley of Ossau. Delicate in both flavor and texture, neither too “herdy” in aroma or taste, but with a distinct sheep flavor. Semi-soft pate goes wide on the palate with a rich, buttery character, and a savory, toffee flavor lingering on the finish.
Parmigiano Reggiano - $29.95/lb
Unpasteurized 3 year old “Rocca” Parmigiano-Reggiano. Rocca selects the best young wheels (18 months by law) of Parmigiano Reggiano, marks them with his stamp and sets them aside for custom aging. Enjoy this cheese’s intense, piquant, pineapple taste as it melts in your mouth.
Pecorino di Vino - $28.95/lb
A sheep’s milk cheese from Tuscany washed in the local village wine. This rustic artisian cheese still retains some of the nuttiness you would expect from a Pecorino but is quickly followed by a sharp wine flavor. Pairs well with most all reds!! But I am especially fond of it with Cognac. Experiment and enjoy!
Pepato - $17.95/lb
An aged Pecorino or Italian sheep’s milk cheese, with whole black peppercorns strewn throughout the cheese. This is a very hard and salty cheese recommended for grating onto pasta. Or, drizzle with olive oil and enjoy with a Zinfandel.
Pierre Robert - $34.95/lb, $34.95/ea
French triple crème cow’s milk cheese. Made by famed affineur Robert Rouzaire in a region East of Paris between the rivers Seine and Marne. Incredibly rich, creamy and smooth.
Pleasant Ridge Reserve - $38.95/lb
Mike Gingrich’s artisanal cheese made from the unpasteurized milk of a single herd of Wisconsin cows. It was awarded “Best in Show” at the 2001 American Cheese Society’s Conference. Enjoy the sweet flavors of pasture grasses, herbs, wildflowers and clovers. Aged 6-8 months, though he is starting to age for 12-18 months to possibly 2 years. Truly a great American original!!
Point Reyes Blue - $20.95/lb
Made by Giacomini Dairy in Marin, CA from a closed herd of Holstein cows. Aged at least 6 months. Take the great Iowa “Maytag” Blue cheese and give it a California twist and you get Pt. Reyes Blue. Use of a “Roquefort” Penicillin (the same mold used in the Roquefort from France) lends to the lemony tang in the finish but there’s also a sea salty note … possibly from the ocean spray lying on the grazing pastures. Try on a steak!!
Port Salut - $15.95/lb
A creamy, buttery mild cow's milk cheese from France, based on a traditional trappist monestary cheese.
Prima Donna, Aged - $18.95/lb
Prima Donna, Young
- $16.95/lb
Cow’s milk cheese from Holland. Firm in texture, with a smooth long, smoky, caramel, and butterscotch flavor on the finish.
Provolone - $18.95/lb
A mozzarella type cheese that has been hand rubbed with brine, bound with rope and hung to dry at room temperature turning it into an entirely different type of cheese. Although Provolone originated in southern Italy, today this name-controlled pasta filata (spun or pulled curd) cow’s milk cheese is made in every region of the country.
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