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Raclette - $14.95/lb
Traditionally, French Raclette was not the name of a cheese, rather it was the name of a melted cheese dish where several cheeses were scraped or “racler” (the French word, hence the name of the cheese, Raclette) and melted together with vegetables. Today, this blend of cheeses has been produced as one cheese, known as Raclette. This cheese has a full nutty and fruity flavor that becomes stronger when the cheese is heated.
Roaring 40's Blue - $22.95/lb
This Australian Cheese is named after the winds that blow across the 40th Parallel. This fruity blue is great crumbled in a warm beet salad, on pears, or on it’s own. If eaten alone it pairs well with Ports, if eaten with food, Mature Rhone’s or White Burgundy’s do well, a lush Pinot Noir such as the Lucia will do nicely also.
Roquefort, Berger - $42.95/lb
The Berger brand of Roquefort is one of themost respected producers from France. It is generally silkier in texture and less salty than other varieties of Roquefort. Serve with strong Reds, Chateauneuf-du-pape or sweet whites such as Sauternes.
Roquefort, Gabriel Coulet - $38.95/lb
The Gabriel Coulet brand of Roquefort is one of the smallest producers of Roquefort. It is generally silkier in texture and less salty than other varieties of Roquefort. Serve with strong Reds, Chateauneuf-du-pape or sweet whites such as Sauternes.
Roquefort, Papillon -  $37.95/lb
The Papillon brand of Roquefort is one of the most respected producers from France. Having received the favor of the Les Confienes des Chevaliers du Taste Fromage de France (The Knights of the Cheese Table).
Roquefort, Societe Albeille - $36.95/lb
A.k.a. Societé Bee Roquefort, this sheep’s milk blue cheese is slightly less salty than the other Roquefort cheeses we carry. Societé Bee is very creamy with an intense favor.
Sap Sago Cones - $8.95/ea
Swiss “Green Cheese”. Yes, this cheese is really green due to the herbs that are mixed in with the cheese curds during production. This is a fat free cow’s milk cheese that is a common breakfast cheese in Switzerland. Try Sap Sago grated on toast, salad, or pasta.
Sbrinz, Swiss Mountain - $36.95/lb
The Swiss version of Parmigian cheese. Sbrinz is a hard cow’s milk cheese with a nutty sweet flavor. It is a bit milder than traditional Parmigiano-Reggiano.
Shaft Gold Blue - $18.95/lb
Cave aged longer than any other American blue cheese, this cheese derives its name from California’s abandoned Gold Mine Shaft’s. After the mines ran dry it was determined by the local farmers that the temperature in the shaft was perfect for aging cheese, getting the idea from a recent trip to Europe and the many limestone caves used to age cheese there. This raw milk sharp flavored blue is a perfect accompaniment to dried fruits, salads, and port wines.
St. Agur - $29.95/lb
A creamy cow’s milk blue from central France. The slightly sharp saltiness is punctuated with a rich nuttiness. This cheese is great on burgers. Serve with fruity reds or a dessert wine and nuts.
St. Jorge - $21.95/lb
A raw cow's milk cheese made by the Joe Matos Cheese Co. in Santa Rosa. Aged for 3-4 months prior to release, this firm textured cheese with Portuguese ancestry is similar to a grassy, malty cheddar, but with more bite and crisp acidity in the finish much like English Cheshire.
St. Maure -  $30.95/ea, $44.95/lb
Log shaped au lait cru goat’s milk cheese with a wrinkled textured penicillin rind. Clean, bright, creamy flavors coat the palate, with a finish of tangy acidity.
Stilton, Colston Basset - $30.95/lb
A very rich and heavy crème cow’s milk cheese with a powerful blue marbling throughout. Aged 3 to 4 months, this Stilton has flavors of mushroom and truffle to add to the complexity of its blue vein.
Taleggio - $17.95/lb
A wonderful wash rind cow’s milk cheese from Lombardy, Italy. Soft (brie like) texture that has a fresh, doughy, yeasty aromas, & light tangy finish. Great for cooking in pastas/pizza dishes, or having slathered on a baguette with a big glass of Syrah!!!
Tete de Moine - $24.95/lb
A traditional cow’s milk cheese made near from Bearn, Switerland originally by trappist monks. The name means “head of the monk” and refers to the monk’s tonsured head. The cheese is traditionally served shaved from the round disc. A tool, called a Girolle, shaves pretty rosettes.
Toscano Pecorino - $27.95/lb
Name controlled Italian cheese from Tuscany (Toscano translates to Tuscany). Pecorino is the general name for any sheep’s milk cheese made in Italy. This young cheese has a semi-soft texture, with a mild, delicate, olive oil and nut flavor.
Trentino - $20.95/lb
A hard parmesan style cheese from Trento provence in Italy. Made from pasteurized cow's milk and aged for approximately 2 years. Produced in rounds 80 lbs in size with a rich golden rind, it is normally served with fruit or wine.
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