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Abbaye de Belloc - $30.95/lb
Unpasteurized sheep’s milk cheese made by Benedictine monks in France’s Basque region. The creaminess of this firm cheese expands on your palate with hints of nutty and fruity flavors.
Alsace Muenster - $31.95/lb
Gorgeously aromatic cow's milk cheese from the Alsace region.
Appenzeller, Extra Aged - $27.95/lb
Richly flavored cow’s milk cheese from the canton of Appenzell. One of the trio of cheeses used in a classic fondue recipe, this ripe cheese has a wonderful bite and “chocolately-ness”.
Asiago, Aged - $11.95/lb
Aged cow's milk cheese made by the Stella Family in the U.S.A. Spicy, nutty flavor.  Excellent for grating.
Beaufort Alpage - $35.95/lb
Raw cow's milk A.O.C (Appellation D’Origin Controlee) cheese from the Savoie region of the French Alps. D'Alpage means the cheese is made in chalets in the mountains from the late summer milking, when the cows are grazing on lush pasture grasses and alpine flowers. Semi-firm texture with butter, nuts, and grassy notes similar to Comte and young Gruyere.
Boerenkaas, Young - $13.95/lb
A 3 month old raw cow’s milk farmstead gouda. This is the youngest raw milk gouda that can be imported into the US. Succulent texture, pleasantly smooth and mild.
Boschetto al Tartufo - $42.95/lb
Flecks of truffle are found throughout this, semi soft textured sheep’s milk cheese from Italy. The taste of the truffle permeates the cheese giving it a rich, complex flavor with hints of garlic.
Brie (Claudel) - $10.95/lb
Traditional French Brie made with pasteurized cow’s milk. This smooth, creamy Brie has a mild ripened flavor with a touch of sweetness.
Brillat Savarin - $31.95/lb, $31.95/wl
Soft-ripening, triple crème, unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese from the Burgundy region of France. Delicate white penicillin rind surrounds a core that is decadently creamy and buttery. This particular producer, Solaipro, hand-ladles the cheese during the cheesemaking process.
Bucheron - $20.95/lb
Goat’s milk from the Loire valley.
Butter, Goat - $23.95/lb, $12.95/ea
This butter has a melt-in-your-mouth texture that delivers the subtle flavors of the goat’s milk with a touch of salt. Made in Quebec.
Butter, Normandy - $16.95/lb, $12.95/ea
Taste the sweetness of the milk used to make this salt-free, delicate butter.
Camembert, Chatelain - $16.95/ea, $29.95/lb
A traditional style Camembert from Normandy, France. The cow’s milk is thermasized, pasteurized at a lower temperature. This process preserves the flavor and gives the cheese a flavor very close to a raw milk Camembert. The flavor at its peak tastes like cauliflour. The aroma is like sea air.
Cave Aged Gruyere - $22.95/lb
A raw cow’s milk cheese from Switzerland. As the cheese ages, the potassium lactate crystallizes, as do the natural minerals, giving a light crunchy texture to go with the deep nutty taste.
Cotswold - $18.95/lb
An English classic, Cotswold is a double Gloucester cheddar flavored with chives and onions. Try this rich cheese on an omelet, in a twice-baked potato, melted over broccoli, or in a quesadilla. A perfect party tray cheese, kids love it too.
Couturier Logs - $7.99/ea
A fresh chevre conveniently packed in 5.5 oz packages. We carry the couturier in plain (non-flavored) and an herbed flavor. Both chevres are fresh and tangy; the perfect goat milk cheese to eat by itself, or to use for cooking.
Creme Fraiche - $12.95/lb
Made in California by Kendall Farms, this thick, cow’s milk cream is tangy and sweet. It is the perfect ingredient for sauces, and pastries. Please ask us about The Crème Fraîche Cookbook filled with recipe ideas for crème fraîche.
Crottin - $7.95/ea
Au lait cru goat’s milk cheese with a wrinkled textured penicillin rind. Clean bright flavors coat the palate, with a finish of lemony acidity.
Danish Blue - $13.95/lb
While this blue is smooth and creamy it can still be easily crumbled or sliced, as well as spread. Made with cow’s milk Danish Blue’s salty characteristic makes it a good cheese to use for salad dressing or to add to a cheese tray and serve with a big red wine.
Dry Jack, Vella - $18.95/lb
Cow’s milk cheese was created in California’s Gold Rush Days by a Scot named David Jacks. The rind to this Special Select Extra Aged Dry Jack is made up of olive oil and cocoa. The crystalline texture and nutty flavors compliment fruits and wines.
Emmentaler - $17.95/lb
The original Swiss cheese. This is a very mild Swiss that is a classic fondue ingredient and sandwich cheese. Wonderful for melting Emmentaler has a sweet, nutty flavor perfect for Croque Monsieur.
Epoisse de Bourgogne - $26.95/ea, $59.95/lb
Washed rind, unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese from the Burgundy region of France. This sublime diskshaped cheese is washed with Marc de Bourgogne, which gives this creamy, “gooey” cheese a mouthful of earthy flavor. Berthaut is possibly the greatest producer of this exotic cheese.
Ewephoria - $20.95/lb (Young), $21.95/lb (Aged)
Eighteen month extra aged Dutch sheep’s milk cheese. Same crunchy crystal texture and flavors as seen in Old Amsterdam and Prima Donna. This cheese will give your palate a Ewephoric lift!!
Fougerus- $28.95/lb
Made in the heart of the Brie region of France, Fougeru exudes the classic terroir quality of the region. A rich buttery cheese dominated by truffle and mushroom flavors.
Fourme D'Ambert - $18.95/lb
Creamy, savory, buttery cow’s milk blue from Auvergne, France with nutty overtones. It is named for the wooden mold which forms its cylinder shape and the town, Ambert, from which the milk for this cheese originates.
Fromage D'Affinois - $19.95/lb
A mild elegant double crème from France, this cheese has just a hint of sweetness, making it the perfect after dinner treat to aide the digestion or as an appetizer with a bit of bubbly! To top it off, this soft ripening cheese has almost three times as much calcium as Brie.
Garrotxa - $28.95/lb
Spanish goat’s milk cheese from Catalonia wrapped in maple leaves. Taste the Mediterranean coast flavors of rosemary and olives. This “artiseno” hand made cheese pairs well with crisp whites and full bodied reds.
Gjetost, Blande - $6.50/ea, $11.95/lb
(YEAY-toast)  A Norwegian classic, Gjetost Blande is a blend of goat and cow’s milk. Gjetost has the sweet flavors of caramel and peanut butter. The Blande is a touch milder than the Ekte.
Gjetost, Ekte - $13.95/lb
The Ekte is a goat’s milk Gjetost. Try this for breakfast on toast, or serve as an afternoon snack.
Gratte Paille - $23.95/ea, 30.95/lb
A triple crème from Touran-en-Brie, France, the heart of the Brie Region. Gratte Paille is a very rich and complex cheese that has a buttery, salty, and tangy flavor. Gratte Paille is one of our stronger triple cremes. Try this with champagne or a nice Bordeaux.
Gruyere - $20.95/lb
The cheese of Switzerland, Gruyere has a predominantly nutty flavor with fruity undertones. It is a hard cheese with a very smooth texture. Great for fondue or melting over a bowl of French onion soup.
Havarti, Cream - $12.95/lb
A very buttery cheese, Cream Havarti is great for slicing, dicing, and spreading. A good picnic cheese accompanied with some salami and a baguette, Cream Havarti is an anywhere, anytime cheese that everyone enjoys.
Havarti, Dill - $12.95/lb
The buttery flavor of the Cream Havarti combined with some dill creates a very exciting cheese. Dill Havarti is wonderful served alongside some smoked salmon, or to melt into a breakfast omelet.
Humboldt Fog - $30.95/lb
Goat’s milk cheese made by Mary Keehn of Cypress Grove Chevre in McKinleyville, California. Soft-ripened with a layer of vegetable ash in the center and along the exterior of the cheese. Tangy in flavor, with a satisfying soft creaminess on the palate. Won Best Goat’s Milk Cheese at the American Cheese Society’s Conference in 2003.
Huntsman - $19.95/lb
A layered cheese from England, The Huntsman has layers of Double Gloucester Cheddar and English Stilton- A perfect combination! It is an attractive cheese for serving on a cheese tray.
Idiazabal - $39.95/lb
Spanish Basque, unpasteurized sheep’s milk cheese. The cheese is naturally smoked (woodshed), has a smoky aroma, is sharp and piquant to taste, dry in texture, and carries the slight smokiness through the finish. Produced in the Navarre region of Spain.
Jean Grogne - $30.95/lb
From Ile-de-France, Jean Grogne is a wonderfully tangy and rich triple crème made from pasteurized cow’s milk.
Larzac - $11.95/ea
This is a whipped Roquefort that comes in a convenient little ceramic pot. Spread a dab of Larzac on some sundried apricots and serve as an appetizer.
Le Lingot - $19.95/ea, 39.95/lb
Artisanal, soft ripening unpasteurized goat’s milk cheese made in Quercy, France. The interior of this bar shaped cheese is ever so slightly crumbly which belies the creamy, tangy texture you feel in the mouth.
Leerdammer - $19.95/lb
A semi-soft cow’s milk cheese from Holland with “holes”. Slightly sweet and nutty in flavor.
Leyden, Young - $14.95/lb
Leyden, Aged - $16.95/lb
Cow’s milk cheese from Holland with cumin and caraway seeds throughout! Also known as Leidsekaas, this cheese has been made for centuries in the town of Leyden. Wonderful paired with a spicy red (especially a Zinfandel)!
Manchego - $26.95/lb
Queso oveja (sheep’s milk cheese) from Spain. Aged 6 months, with a mildly nutty flavor. This is a staple on every Spaniard’s table, as the Dutch have “Gouda” with every meal. Sometimes served with membrillo (quince paste).
Manchego, Aged - $29.95/lb
Queso oveja (sheep’s milk cheese) from Spain. Like any cheese that can be enjoyed at a variety of ages, the aged Manchego has a firm and dry curd texture. Deep, strong, nutty flavors with a salty citric finish. When young, Manchego can be quite elegant in flavors, but this raw milk aged variety showcases classic rustic regional (terroir) flavors. Goat and sheep’s milk are naturally higher in acidity and mineral content.
Marechal - $27.95/lb
Artisanal, au lait cru cow’s milk cheese from Switzerland bathed in white wine and herbs. Similar to a Gruyere in flavor and texture. Wonderful infusion of flavors due to the wine and herb wash.
Maytag Blue - $21.95/lb
From Newton, Iowa comes this sensational cow’s milk blue made by the Maytag family (yes, the appliance company we all know and love!). A classic blue cheese perfect for salads but creamy enough to enjoy on a fresh pear or apple with just the right amount of blue bite.
Memoire - $38.95/lb
Newly arrived from our Dutch friends this is a sensational cow's milk and Truffle cheese. Rich buttery texture like classic Gouda's have with the intoxicating aromas and flavors of mixed truffles...great by itself, but try in some of your favorite dishes as an accent ingredient!!!!!
Mezzo Secco - $18.95/lb
Mezzo Secco translates to medium dry. A semi-firm cow cheese from the Vella Family in Sonoma. The use of black pepper on the exterior helps to dry the cheese and lends to a snappy bite to contrast the slightly creamy, slightly sharp interior.
Montbriac - $22.95/lb
A wonderful ripening French blue cheese. Montbriac is a cow’s milk cheese with a creamy texture. It is made in Auvergne where the cheese is ripened in caves and the rind is covered in a layer of ash.

Monterey Jack, Plain - $14.95/lb
Montery Jack, Jalapeno
- $15.95/lb

Monterey Jack, Habanero - $16.95/lb
Our recipe (from Monterey) and perfected by the Vella Family in Sonoma, Ca where they have been making Jack cheese since 1930. This “real” Jack’s high moisture content gives this cheese a creamy soft texture resembling mozzarella, with a fresh, tangy finish.  Each wheel is hand rolled and comes in either the unflavored (plain) Monterey Jack, or try the spicy Jalapeno Pepper Jack.

Morbier - $13.95/lb
A creamy cow’s milk cheese from the Jura region in France. This cheese is characterized by a thin flavorless ash layer running through it’s middle. Traditionally this layer was used to separate the evening from the morning milking. Combining complex flavors of nuts, fruit and often a grassy or fresh asparagus aroma this cheese pairs well with crisp high acid wines such as Beaujolais.
Mountain Gorgonzola - $22.95/lb
A naturally sweet (dolce) blue from northern Italy. This gorgeous blue gets its sweetness from both spring and early summer milk from highland pastures vs. winter milk (cows eating dry hay/feed) that produces a more “piquante” (sharp) blue bite. Melt onto pizza or gnocchi. Great when served with full flavored reds.

Murcia al Vino - $31.95/lb
Spanish pasteurized goat’s milk cheese washed in red wine. The rich wine colored rind is a stunning contrast to the stark white interior. It has a smooth, rich texture and the red wine infuses the cheese with a tangy flavor.

Old Amsterdam - $19.95/lb
One and one half years old, this Dutch Gouda (pronounced “how-duh”), has a flavor that balances between Cheddar and Parmigiano Reggiano. This cheese has a texture that is rich and creamy in the front of the mouth, and has a “crunch” character towards the finish. Produced exclusively by the Westland family. This has become one of the most popular cheeses we have ever sold in 30 years of business, and they have shipped around the world.
Old Quebec - $27.95/lb
8 year-old cheddar from Quebec. Sharp, with a hint of fruit flavor, plus a bit of crunch from the calcium lactate crystals.
Ossau Iraty Istara - $29.95/lb
An A.O.C (Appellation D’Origin Controlee) French cheese. Made from pasteurized sheep's milk from the Pyrenees (Southwestern France) along the border of Spain, in the valley of Ossau. Delicate in both flavor and texture, neither too “herdy” in aroma or taste, but with a distinct sheep flavor. Semi-soft pate goes wide on the palate with a rich, buttery character, and a savory, toffee flavor lingering on the finish.
Parmigiano Reggiano - $29.95/lb
Unpasteurized 3 year old “Rocca” Parmigiano-Reggiano. Rocca selects the best young wheels (18 months by law) of Parmigiano Reggiano, marks them with his stamp and sets them aside for custom aging. Enjoy this cheese’s intense, piquant, pineapple taste as it melts in your mouth.
Pecorino di Vino - $28.95/lb
A sheep’s milk cheese from Tuscany washed in the local village wine. This rustic artisian cheese still retains some of the nuttiness you would expect from a Pecorino but is quickly followed by a sharp wine flavor. Pairs well with most all reds!! But I am especially fond of it with Cognac. Experiment and enjoy!
Pepato - $17.95/lb
An aged Pecorino or Italian sheep’s milk cheese, with whole black peppercorns strewn throughout the cheese. This is a very hard and salty cheese recommended for grating onto pasta. Or, drizzle with olive oil and enjoy with a Zinfandel.
Pierre Robert - $34.95/lb, $34.95/ea
French triple crème cow’s milk cheese. Made by famed affineur Robert Rouzaire in a region East of Paris between the rivers Seine and Marne. Incredibly rich, creamy and smooth.
Pleasant Ridge Reserve - $38.95/lb
Mike Gingrich’s artisanal cheese made from the unpasteurized milk of a single herd of Wisconsin cows. It was awarded “Best in Show” at the 2001 American Cheese Society’s Conference. Enjoy the sweet flavors of pasture grasses, herbs, wildflowers and clovers. Aged 6-8 months, though he is starting to age for 12-18 months to possibly 2 years. Truly a great American original!!
Point Reyes Blue - $20.95/lb
Made by Giacomini Dairy in Marin, CA from a closed herd of Holstein cows. Aged at least 6 months. Take the great Iowa “Maytag” Blue cheese and give it a California twist and you get Pt. Reyes Blue. Use of a “Roquefort” Penicillin (the same mold used in the Roquefort from France) lends to the lemony tang in the finish but there’s also a sea salty note … possibly from the ocean spray lying on the grazing pastures. Try on a steak!!
Port Salut - $18.95/lb
A creamy, buttery mild cow's milk cheese from France, based on a traditional trappist monestary cheese.
Prima Donna, Aged - $18.95/lb
Prima Donna, Young
- $16.95/lb
Cow’s milk cheese from Holland. Firm in texture, with a smooth long, smoky, caramel, and butterscotch flavor on the finish.
Provolone - $18.95/lb
A mozzarella type cheese that has been hand rubbed with brine, bound with rope and hung to dry at room temperature turning it into an entirely different type of cheese. Although Provolone originated in southern Italy, today this name-controlled pasta filata (spun or pulled curd) cow’s milk cheese is made in every region of the country.
Raclette - $14.95/lb
Traditionally, French Raclette was not the name of a cheese, rather it was the name of a melted cheese dish where several cheeses were scraped or “racler” (the French word, hence the name of the cheese, Raclette) and melted together with vegetables. Today, this blend of cheeses has been produced as one cheese, known as Raclette. This cheese has a full nutty and fruity flavor that becomes stronger when the cheese is heated.
Roaring 40's Blue - $23.95/lb
This Australian Cheese is named after the winds that blow across the 40th Parallel. This fruity blue is great crumbled in a warm beet salad, on pears, or on it’s own. If eaten alone it pairs well with Ports, if eaten with food, Mature Rhone’s or White Burgundy’s do well, a lush Pinot Noir such as the Lucia will do nicely also.
Roquefort, Papillon -  $37.95/lb
The Papillon brand of Roquefort is one of the most respected producers from France. Having received the favor of the Les Confienes des Chevaliers du Taste Fromage de France (The Knights of the Cheese Table).
Roquefort, Societe Albeille - $38.95/lb
A.k.a. Societé Bee Roquefort, this sheep’s milk blue cheese is slightly less salty than the other Roquefort cheeses we carry. Societé Bee is very creamy with an intense favor.

Sap Sago Cones - $8.95/ea
Swiss “Green Cheese”. Yes, this cheese is really green due to the herbs that are mixed in with the cheese curds during production. This is a fat free cow’s milk cheese that is a common breakfast cheese in Switzerland. Try Sap Sago grated on toast, salad, or pasta.

Sbrinz, Swiss Mountain - $37.95/lb
The Swiss version of Parmigian cheese. Sbrinz is a hard cow’s milk cheese with a nutty sweet flavor. It is a bit milder than traditional Parmigiano-Reggiano.
Shaft Gold Blue - $18.95/lb
Cave aged longer than any other American blue cheese, this cheese derives its name from California’s abandoned Gold Mine Shaft’s. After the mines ran dry it was determined by the local farmers that the temperature in the shaft was perfect for aging cheese, getting the idea from a recent trip to Europe and the many limestone caves used to age cheese there. This raw milk sharp flavored blue is a perfect accompaniment to dried fruits, salads, and port wines.
St. Agur - $29.95/lb
A creamy cow’s milk blue from central France. The slightly sharp saltiness is punctuated with a rich nuttiness. This cheese is great on burgers. Serve with fruity reds or a dessert wine and nuts.
St. Jorge - $21.95/lb
A raw cow's milk cheese made by the Joe Matos Cheese Co. in Santa Rosa. Aged for 3-4 months prior to release, this firm textured cheese with Portuguese ancestry is similar to a grassy, malty cheddar, but with more bite and crisp acidity in the finish much like English Cheshire.
St. Maure -  $30.95/ea, $44.95/lb
Log shaped au lait cru goat’s milk cheese with a wrinkled textured penicillin rind. Clean, bright, creamy flavors coat the palate, with a finish of tangy acidity.
Stilton, Colston Basset - $30.95/lb
A very rich and heavy crème cow’s milk cheese with a powerful blue marbling throughout. Aged 3 to 4 months, this Stilton has flavors of mushroom and truffle to add to the complexity of its blue vein.
Taleggio - $17.95/lb
A wonderful wash rind cow’s milk cheese from Lombardy, Italy. Soft (brie like) texture that has a fresh, doughy, yeasty aromas, & light tangy finish. Great for cooking in pastas/pizza dishes, or having slathered on a baguette with a big glass of Syrah!!!
Tete de Moine - $24.95/lb
A traditional cow’s milk cheese made near from Bearn, Switerland originally by trappist monks. The name means “head of the monk” and refers to the monk’s tonsured head. The cheese is traditionally served shaved from the round disc. A tool, called a Girolle, shaves pretty rosettes.
Toscano Pecorino - $29.95/lb
Name controlled Italian cheese from Tuscany (Toscano translates to Tuscany). Pecorino is the general name for any sheep’s milk cheese made in Italy. This young cheese has a semi-soft texture, with a mild, delicate, olive oil and nut flavor.
Ubriaco - $31.95/lb
Cow’s milk cheese from the Lombardy region in Italy. Ubriaco, which translates to inebriated, is a fitting name for this cheese as it is soaked in red wine. You can see some pressed grape skins on the edible rind, which gives this cheese a complex grapey flavor.
Vallee D'Aspe - $29.95/lb
Unpasteurized goat’s milk cheese from the Aspe Valley in the French Pyrenees. This is a more aged chevre that has a strong terroir flavor and a hint of salt in the finish but both these qualities married well with the German Rieslings that we tasted. Dare we say opposites attract?!
*Prices are subject to vary seasonally
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