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Kent - Our fearless leader, the C.E.O (Cheese Eating Oenophile), grand fromage, or as we like to call him, "the big cheese".  After all, he was born in the Year Of The Rat.  Kent joined The Cheese Shop in 1986 and has never looked back.  When you catch him behind the counter, you're in for a real treat.  All you ever wanted to know about cheese and more ...  (yes, it's in his blood as he has not one, but two parents who are teachers).  Kent also takes the show on the road to many events across the country where he pairs cheese and wine for a delectable tasting!
Lisa Office Manager/Bookkeeper – A long time employee on her second tour of duty with us, Lisa maintains and manages the daily offices chores, as well as trouble shooting any computer gaffs that arise (look, I’m so old, I learned computers in the punch card era)! She also over sees all the currencies that come both in and go out! The Cheese Shop has clients in all 50 states and 20 countries, and you can see the different currencies (some no longer in use) when you visit our store in Carmel. Do Russian Rubles circa 1961 still work?!?!
Carmel Staff
Andrew is one of the fearless leaders of Carmel (co-managers), as well as, the certified win-o (wine-buyer) of the store.  Andrew's love of the grape comes from his family, as his father Duncan has been in the wine-biz for over 25 years. Add to this his tenure with CSI (The Cheese Shop Inc, not the popular TV show of same name.) Andrew is well versed in the complete package of Cheese, Wine and Gourmet foods, and has been responsible for managing several of our off site VIP events, most notably with the Marine Wives annual "Welcome Party" for newly transplanted Sempre Fi Wives..Hoo Yah!! Watch out for that twinkle in his eye!!
Brad or Mr. Vanek, as we call the soon to be Grade School teacher, is the flare of The Cheese Shop.  When Brad is not charming people with his lively personality, he will be teaching customers about our worldly products. Brad's thirst for information and time spent outside the country has not only made him bilingual (se habla Espanol!) but also an invaluable member of the team.  His unique style behind the counter comes from his desire to teach others, and we expect him to teach our next generation of clients during his school years ahead! 



Brian H. is possibly the quietest member of our family, but don't let his whispered tones fool you as he very personable.  (Ladies, it's the quiet ones you need to look out for!!) As CSI's Gourmet buyer, Brian is equally knowledgeable about our large cheese array, as well as our gastronomic delicacies. And if he's not behind the tasting counter, you might find him behind our Wine Bar, as his knowledge of wines has expanded exponentially over the past three years, even more so as he now also works at a tasting room in Carmel Valley.   

Brian S. is one of our newest additions, but his love and knowledge of cheese makes him an integral part of our family. Look at his caring technique of holding cheeses! It takes a certain kind of person to deal with some of the most aromatic cheeses out there, but Brian spent a year washing the rinds of cheese with vinegar in Colorado.  With his year spent washing rinds and his degree in molecular biology coupled with his enthusiasm, any experience with him is a special one that will make you walk away more knowledgeable of cheeses on many levels. 

Court's appreciation for food is beyond any other member of the shop.  Not only does he have a love for cheese, but for food in general, as he is the classically trained chef of the shop, and one of the new hot local caterers on the Monterey Peninsula. His palate for combinations, Court can find the perfect balance of cheese and wine to awake the appetite and leave you wanting more.  But watch out as this gent might also leave you in the dust..his love of FAST bikes keeps him always on the move!!  

Elliot is the chatty Kathy of the family, taking after Papa Kent (Mr. Loquacious himself) in that same ebullient and friendly manner. If you are looking for a person to spend quality time tasting and learning about cheeses, Elliot is the person to seek! His enthusiasm for fun with food and drink shows in his ability at picking out personal tastes, while expanding horizons on the flavors of the store. Elliot's "No Fear" attitude makes him our prime candidate for always being the first to try a new product, and for telling us his personal unvarnished opinion. 

    Janaye is the other new member of our cheesy family. Currently studying film at CSUMB (or what some of us still refer to as UFO.University of Fort Ord.would have like to see that mascot!!) Janaye brings a sense of the big, artistic world to our corner of the planet. Still a bit shy and quiet like Brian H., give her a bit more time with the cheesy staff, and you'll find her taking you on exotic journeys of the curdish-whey!    

Jason's worldly travels have made him very knowledgeable of both cheese and wine.  This is his second time around helping out at the shop, but this time he is the god of cheese (co-manager & cheese buyer).  His fervor for trying new types of cheeses has introduced many new additions to the shop for everyone to enjoy.  If he is not tantalizing our taste buds with new and exciting cheeses, you can find him wandering around the wine department spilling out information (and sometimes wine) from his time spent as a wine representative. But maybe we should show him that a BIG knife is not necessarily needed on such a small cheese!!!


Mademoiselle Katie truly is one of CSI's unsung heroines.but then again, it takes a strong woman to handle a gaggle of men like this store has.(her counterparts in our Santa Barbara store are the dynamic trio of Dané, Sheri & Etta)!!! Taming the Seas is Katie's first passion (while going for her eventual doctorate in Marine Science) but when this Siren of the Sea is back in port, well all hands on deck, as she quickly shows the mates how to keep things ship-shaped. Our clients couldn't ask for a better Capt'n to take them on a world cruise through the various Cheese-ports of call: Mahon on the island of Menorca, Spain, or off to taste the Isle of Mull Cheddar, from Scotland, or a voyage down-under to Australia's King Isle for their Roaring Forties Blue, Seal Bay and Stoke's Point Smoked Cheddar.

Kevin is the information sponge of the shop.  If there is an obscure fact you want to know about cheese or wine, he either knows it or will look it up on the spot. When Kevin is not surprising people with his knowledge of our products, he may tickle your culinary palate with his combinations of cheese and gourmet foods. But of course, we'd only expect that from a musical virtuoso.what better person to compose a symphony for your palate?!?! Who knows, he could end up in Hollywood with some of our film students, becoming the next Alan Silvestri, legendary film composer, and local Carmel vintner! (Alan composed the music for: Forrest Gump, Beowolf, current in theaters G.I. Joe, and his local Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah wines are featured in many restaurants).

Santa Barbara Staff
Adam or Mr. Rudman is all business all the time. He is our resident entrepreneur and deal-maker, wheeling and dealing with our more discriminating customers for the best deals to be had. Passionate about wine, he is known for his dedication to tasting every bottle, from top to bottom, in order to ensure its quality (just make sure you get a glass before he conducts his "quality control"). Endowed with a phenomenal culinary memory and a good palate, you can trust Adam to steer you toward wines that will challenge and impress every time.

Dané (Assistant Manager/Cheese Buyer) is bubbling over with the enthusiasm and sense of wonder of a precocious child. Dane is our resident émigré and certified Jane-of-all trades. South African by birth, she brings a decidedly "African" perspective to our Shop-inveterate problem-solver, waste manager, Afrikaans babbler.she is easily the most all-around hardworking and multi-talented member of the team.

Etta, UCSB student and world traveler, is all about experiencing and appreciating the cultures of the world.especially European culture. She has left us for the moment, wooed by the mysterious delights of Europa (milking cows in Parma, living the student's life in Florence becoming fluent in Italian.), but catch her when she returns and experience her contagious enthusiasm and passion for the Cheeses and Wines of the World!!

Graham (Manager/Wine Buyer) likes to think of himself as an oenophilic idiot-savant. Passing up graduate school at the University of Chicago to manage the Santa Barbara store, and recently standing up Allen Meadows to drink Vogue Musigny, Graham's priorities are clear: He is embarked on a life-long search for the PERFECT wine. Bristling with a white-hot passion for the wines of the world, he knows his limitations and is confident that he does at least one thing well - finding wines with character, terroir, and singular brilliance. Graham brings his training in History to his search, bringing wines into the store that be-speak tradition and a sense of place. If that Brunello or Pauillac or Gevrey or Napa does not bring you immediately to the vineyard itself, he has not done his job.

James, the gamer come cheese monger, is a trained culinary specialist and a fine addition to the shop, always bringing cheese and wine into a larger, culinary perspective. He is our applications man.be sure to ask him what cheeses make the best dishes and how to make them with that little extra touch to put your dish over the top!

Kyle is quite possibly the nicest person in the world, as well as, another one of our resident culinary specialists. Insightful, full of an under-stated passion for the subject, and always willing to go the extra mile, he brings a mature, informed perspective to our team. But be sure to inspect your cheese for any stray pieces of sand.as this guy, above all, lives for the surf.

Mark or Mr. Mooney truly is a Glorious Bird. A retired city worker with an insatiable passion for our local wine country (and a Jim Clendenen look-alike), come and listen to him sing the praises of the wines of the Central Coast. Ask him to find you a bottle that will satisfy even your most profound thirst! His mantra? Decant, decant, decant!

Sheri is a Santa Barbara native, photographer and graphic designer by trade. Sheri brings frame and focus to our otherwise "fly-by-night" philosophy of basking in the beauty of eating cheese and drinking wine for a living. Sheri has a talent for making you feel like you are the most important person in the world.and this talent has won over countless customers, who now come into the shop and spontaneously queue up to be helped by Sheri by appointment!! Believe me, Sheri is the girl you want to cut your cheese!!
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